Nowadays security within the Supply Chain is a topic which is prioritized on the agenda of logistics professionals. In the past, Supply Chain Security had a strong focus within the high-tech, fashion and other theft sensitive industries, whereas now, security is popping up in a wide range of industries.

FPM.Solutions supports companies with Supply Chain Security by creating a safe and secured environment for both cargo, employees and assets.

We offer services to help your organization optimize day-2-day security and train your staff to create security awareness and knowledge.

We enable you to improve Supply Chain Security in the most (cost) efficient way in a sustainable manner.

TAPA Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) set minimum standards of security transport for high value goods (HVVT), whereas TAPA FSR set minimum standards for facilities.

Do you want to offer your customers high security standards, in accordance with TAPA levels?
Or taking one step further, offering more added value with even higher supply chain security standards?
FPM.Solutions offers you full support.

Contact us as we look forward to being challenged with your Security topics.